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Ava & Griffin


Ava & Griffin #1   June 23 - August 18, 2017   4 hrs
Sonny and Carly put the pieces together about what Ava did to Morgan, Ava gets trapped in fire after Sonny & Carly confront her, Burn unit, Ava hides out at home, Valentin offers a way for Ava to fix her face - for a price, Ava can't fight her attraction to Griffin.
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Ava & Griffin #2   August 22 - October 11, 2017   4 hrs
Griffin does some soul searching after he looses a patient, Griffin's rejection hurts Ava, Ava decides to take Valentin's deal, Patient Six gets Ava curious, Ava does a good deed for a stranger, Griffin arrives to save Ava from the clinic, Ava feels the heat for betraying Nikolas.
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Ava & Griffin #3   October 12, 2017 - Jaunuary 17, 2018   4 hrs
Griffin makes a choice, Ava realizes that Patient Six is the real Jason Morgan, Ava looks for an alternative solution to fix her face, Griffin saves Ava from making a terrible mistake, Ava offers Nelle a job, Kiki and Griffin plan a surprise for Ava, Ava makes an accusation.
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Ava & Griffin #4   Jaunuary 17 - April 20, 2018   4 hrs
Ava jealous of Kiki, Ava's surgery, Nelle lets Ava in on her plans to take Carly down, Ava struggles to tell Griffin how she feels, Ava invites Griffin to move in, Griffin learns the truth about Peter, Ava gets nosy about Griffin's DNA test, Avery goes missing.
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Ava & Griffin #5   April 20 - July 6, 2018   4 hrs
Nell's baby shower ends in disaster, Nelle and Ava blackmail each other, 2018 Nurses ball, Griffin and Kiki have sex, Ava & Griffin learn of Kiki's harassment suit against Dr. Bensch, Ava asks Franco to "deal" with Bensch, Kiki begs Griffin to stay quiet about their affair.
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Ava & Griffin #6   July 6 - October 4, 2018   4 hrs
Ava learns Kiki and Griffin had sex, Kiki wins her harassment case, Ava wants revenge!, Griffin suspended from GH, Kiki and Ava battle in public, Griffin moves into Kiki's building, Ava sees Kevin Collins to discuss her rage.
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Ava & Griffin #7   October 4 - December 6, 2018   4 hrs
Kiki and Griffin decide to explore a relationship, Ava has lethal thoughts, Ryan becomes interested in Ava, Ava finds a body at her art gallery, Ava sets up Griffin and Sasha, "Kevin" makes his intentions clear, Kiki is murdered; Griffin arrested, Ava goes after Griffin.
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Ava & Griffin #8   December 6, 2018 - February 1, 2019   4 hrs
Griffin is released, Kiki's funeral, Ryan kills again, Ava's downward spiral, Ryan tries to get Ava to leave town, Ryan attacks Lulu, Franco falls under suspicion for Lulu's attempted murder, Ava badgers Lulu to remember the killer.
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Ava & Griffin #9   February 1 - March 6, 2019   4 hrs
Lulu fingers Franco under Ryan's hypnosis, Ryan decides to kill Griffin, Laura finds the real Kevin, Jordan has a plan, Franco pleads guilty, Franco pleads guilty, The interview, Ryan stabs Franco, Franco escapes Ferncliff, Ryan abducts Carly, Ryan and Ava head to Niagra Falls with Carly in the trunk.
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Ava & Griffin #10   March 6 - May 21, 2019   4 hrs
Laura and Jason track Ryan to Niagra Falls, Ryan jumps from the footbridge taking Ava with him, Ava learns Ryan killed Kiki, Griffin decides to leave town, A plot to get Ryan out of hiding, Ava and Kevin flaunt their fake affair, Lucy and Scott plot to break up Kevin and Ava.
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